Fly monkeys, Fly – a poem for chef

The time has come for you to pass
The monkeys on your back

It time for us to fly

And while parting is such sweet sorrow
It’s time to say goodbye

Not monkeys perhaps
But germs, which you have tried to nourish and grow
Some of us have flourished and will leave in full ‘bloom’
While others have further to go

Time will tell of our individual yield
But now we need to go it alone
Without your nurturing hand or iron fist
It’s up to each of us if we become fully grown

We are no longer expected to stay together
Or be part of the same team
But we have shared a common experience
And we have a similar dream

So, with a whisper of ‘steady’ and ‘breathe’ in our ears
We thank you for your expertise and time
We are grateful for our training and experiences
But are glad we no longer need to toe the line

On a final note, your secret is out
As we know that you really care
Two things we have learnt during our time at Ashburton
Is that you don’t have a pig’s heart
And we certainly can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear

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