Okay, so the title of my blog says it all.  I tried to return to work on Tuesday after 6 days away from work and my trip to Glasgow.  I managed 7 hours in the kitchen, starting just after 6 am, but from 11 am onwards my stomach pains became progressively worse.  I had asked to speak to the owner about my ill health on returning from Glasgow, so we had a brief chat on Tuesday morning.  When I chatted to him, I was feeling okay and our thoughts would be that I would see how the week went and then review the situation at the end of the week.  It was important that I tried to be in this week as the Head Chef is on holiday all week and I really wanted to ensure that he could have a holiday without having to think about Lynwood & Co.  Needless to say, it didn’t work out as planned.  In tears of frustration and sadness at not being able to do the job that I really want to do, I left work at around 1 pm on Tuesday and made my way home to my bed.  Shortly after I got home, the owner called and we agreed that I would take a leave of absence for 2 weeks to see if a complete break from work would aid my recovery.  I reluctantly, but gratefully accepted his offer, knowing that if I had any chance of recovery, I needed to take some time away from work.  I had one strange request for him and that was, health permitting, could I do a bit of night baking in the Lynwood & Co kitchen to keep my hand in whilst off work, as well as keep the Lynwood & Co cookie jar well stocked in my absence.  He agreed to my request.  Having rested all of Tuesday afternoon, I did my first night bake, a batch of toasted pecan and dark chocolate cookies.  As I haven’t baked anything else since Tuesday, these cookies are the featured image for this blog.  After posting a photo of my cookies on Instagram, my colleague, Harriet commented as follows: ‘Looking delicious Brigit (sic)! Happy to be in receipt of all therapy baking offerings’.

With my stomach issues, my appetite has not been very good of late and my weight has been steadily dropping off.  So, with concern, I decided to make myself some buttermilk pancakes with fresh fruit and yoghurt, yesterday morning.  They were very delicious, but despite good intentions, I could only manage one.  Despite this they are definitely worth a ‘bake’ and I will share the recipe from Genius Kitchen on my blog shortly.

Needless to say, exercise is largely out of the window.  I haven’t run for 10 days other than a half mile run down to Pret a Manager in Glasgow, last weekend, to get our breakfast.  I am managing to do our 100 exercises a day (on average, as I am missing some days and then doubling up on others), albeit that it is with difficulty.   I wrote to Mudstacle this morning to ask them to take my name off the Spring League table as I really don’t think I will be in a fit state to compete this season, unless I have a complete reverse in my condition.  I have got to the point that I am in the process of putting together a ‘hospital bag’ so that if I have to go into hospital again, Jo doesn’t have to have the added pressure of thinking what I need to take in with me.

I guess things are not all bad.  I got to watch a lovely film yesterday called, Dough, which was about a failing bakery, which was turned around, so to speak, when a young apprentice was taken on in the business.  A generally, feel good film to sooth the soul.   I also watch a lovely documentary, called Expedition Happiness, which followed a young couple and their dog on a journey across the Americas and Canada.  Just what I needed to watch to give me a lift.  Although my time off work is giving me time to relax, it is also very frustrating as I am used to running, not crawling and being on the go 24/7 rather than the odd hour here and there and then having to rest up.  Anyway, lets see how the next few weeks go.  I have further tests in early April with my GP and Consultant to see if they can find out what is causing this ongoing pain.  I plan on continuing to do therapeutic baking during my time off, so I will continue to blog and post my bakes if there is anything to show.

On a final and positive note, I wrote to our Head Chef to apologise for my absence again and that I was unable to cover him in his absence.  He sent me a very lovely response as follows: ‘Please just relax and hopefully everything will work out.  We love having you around and being a part of the Lynwood journey and we very much hope that it will stay that way’.   I hope it will stay that way too.

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