• If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan but never the goal

    I have been meaning to write this post for a while, but I have been so busy with my new job and baking for various customers and events that I have not had an opportunity to do so.  Speaking about my new job, this is the main reason that I am writing this post.

    A while back, in March to be exact, it became quite clear that despite some intimations that the place that I was working would stock my bakes in their cafe, that this was no longer part of their plan.  I had taken the job for two main reasons: (1) to gain experience in a cafe, especially using a coffee machine and (2) to bake for the cafe/shop.  While I certainly had an opportunity to gain experience in the cafe and ‘front of house’ experience, after a year hoping that the offer in the cafe would be extended (with my cakes being part of that extension) I reluctantly decided to hand in my notice – the plan no longer worked so I decided to change the plan, not my goal.  I say reluctantly, as despite the plan no longer working, there were many aspects of the job that I liked, most importantly, the lovely customers who frequented the shop on a regular and not so regular basis.

    Another thing recently changed in our life, which meant that I needed to rethink things as well.  After renting in various locations over the last few years (Aberdeenshire, Devonshire and Gloucestershire) we decided to put in an offer on a house.  The Friday before last, we became the proud owners of our fifth house. (not fifth house at the same time, but fifth house ever owned).

    We have bought a semi-detached house in Lechlade, a market town in The Cotswolds.  It is not as picturesque as Coln St Aldwyns, where we currently rent, but it is close to the river Thames for running and paddle-boarding  and has a wonderful array of cafes, eateries and other amenities.  Everything you want in a short distance.

    As the new house is a ‘do it upper’, I really needed to find a job which allowed me to contribute to the household coffers more.  So after almost three years out of my previous career (first studying for my Diploma in Professional Patisserie and then working in the catering industry), I have returned to Human Resources on a 6.5 month contract focusing on Learning and Development.  I have been able to negotiate a 4 day a week contract, which means that I have Friday as my baking day.  This enables me to bake for my regular customers and cater for weekend events.

    So far, so good.  I am enjoying being back in a office environment and using my brain in a different way again.  The only downside (if you can call it that) is that I am now super busy and am finding difficult to fit everything I need and want to do in a day.  Okay, this is not quite true, I could find time to do everything (if I didn’t settle down to watch Netflix or terrestrial television of an evening) but by the time I get home and have something to eat, I can’t seem to be motivated to do anything too hectic.  I don’t think my evening inertia has been helped by the fact that the weather has been so poorly of late.  Okay, this sounds like a lot of excuses when written down in black and white, so I am going to make a mental note to self to get off the sofa and be more productive of an evening.  Netflix will have to wait, but I won’t be giving up my weekly date with Rob Lowe now that his new show, Wild Bill, is airing on ITV on a Wednesday.  He has been one of my firm favourites since I saw him in St Elmo’s Fire all those years ago and it is very good to see him back on our screens – well for me anyway.

    Speaking of not being inert, I am just about to do a self-imposed morning HIIT session to get myself going before a day behind a desk, but I will write again soon as although this post has focused on what has been happening in my personal life, a lot has also been happening on the baking front too.  But more of that later.